Successful Interviewing

A perfect resume can get you a foot in the door, but it’s the interview that determines if you get the job.

In fact, every good recruiter knows that it’s NOT the best candidate who gets the job, it’s the best interviewer who always gets the job. That’s why agency recruiters spend hours on preparing their best candidates for their interview. Unfortunately, most job hunters won’t get this special treatment from agency recruiters.

Our coaches have extensive experience interviewing candidates and working with employers, so we know what makes an impressive interview. Let us help you maximise every interview opportunity you get.

There are 3 Essential Stages of Successful Interviewing.

  1. Pre Interview: Prepare, prepare, prepare
  2. The Real Interview: Everybody needs real life practice regardless of their background and experience, especially if you do not have much interview experience. Giving the right answers alone is not enough, your Body Language plays an even bigger role than you think.
  3. Post Interview: What you do, or don’t do, after the interview is crucial because it can sway the final decision on whether they want to offer you the job.

Our individual and group coaching for successful interviewing covers all three stages comprehensively.

You will:

  • See live demonstrations of how to research a company so that you will impress your interviewer
  • Practise your interviewing in mock interviews where you important feedback from our coaches, so that you won’t make the same mistakes during the real interview
  • Be assessed on important things such as  your tone, appearance, quality of answers, body language and questions
  • Discover essential body language secrets for interviewing
  • Learn how to leave an impeccable first impression and sell yourself well
  • Gain insights on how to close the interview and set yourself apart from the competition

You only get one chance to impress your interviewer. Contact us today so that we can help you present your best self and make that one chance count.