How Smart Are You When It Comes To Job Search Matters?

By Eleanor Ho, Inkris

My No.1 SMART approach on job searching is slightly different than what you learn from a textbook.

S – Specific

M – Money

A – Action-Focused

R – Realistic

T –  Trackable


S – You are aiming for a specific outcome. You set yourself to fail if you turn up to a job interview showing no goal but wanting a job that pays your bills.  Companies recruit for your potential, not just putting bums on seats. If you are a fresh graduate, your first year in any professional environment costs the company more than what you contribute, regardless of how smart you think you are. Do your research properly and be specific on what type of job you want – and only apply to the jobs that suit you.

M – Don’t let money be the #1 priority when you choose your career.  Remember, it’s difficult to be the best at something you dislike. You would be competing with plenty of others who are passionate about what they do. These people will go for an extra mile to learn, grow and excel whilst you probably moan about your job every day, and it brings you nothing but negative energy. Watch this video (*new window/tab will be opened)

A – Success comes to those who set clear goals and take actions given the market conditions, time period, and resources allocated. Being action-focused allows you to improve productivity and satisfy multiple goals and targets.

R – You get out what you put in, so please put what you consider to be relevant and right; something that directly associates with your goals and nothing else. Do not waste your time on irrelevant tasks, then complain about not seeing desirable results. Ultimately you make your own luck.

T – Keep track of the jobs for which you apply, the channels you use and how effective they are, then invest your time and effort accordingly until you land yourself a job you like. Having a good record with clear ideas about who may be contacting you for interviews will help boost your confidence, resulting in better interview performance.

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