Career Coaching

Looking for a new job?

Fresh out of uni and not sure where to start?

Been on the market for a long time?

Whatever your situation, we’ll help you get closer to where you want to be in your career.

Free Resume Health Check – Your resume will be evaluated by a career coach/recruiter and you’ll get a report within 48 hours.

Resume Writing Service

Here’s why getting your resume right is critical in this competitive market.

Our service includes a 45 min consultation allowing us to understand your situation and what you have previously achieved, before re-writing your resume to ensure the best outcome. Send in your resume today for a free health check, and we will respond with a personalised report within 2 working days.

Our Most Popular Career Coaching Options:

  • Assessment of competencies and career objectives
  • Resume preparation
  • Linkedin profile writing
  • Boosting career confidence and self-esteem
  • Interview techniques and practice
  • Image and personal presentation
  • Self marketing to employers
  • Career progression
  • Corporate and business etiquette
  • Business communication

Programs are tailored for both groups and individuals and are conducted through a combination of seminars and one-on-one counselling. Participants will be given constructive feedback and support through each stage, from graduation to employment, in a professional and empathic manner.

Why work with us?

We’re not your typical career coaches who simply provide you with ‘information and strategies’ you can find online by yourself. If that’s what you want just Google job search methods and how to write a resume! Our coaches have worked in graduate recruitment, agency recruitment and executive recruitment across the globe. We know what employers look for, and how you can become the right candidate for the job. This takes insider knowledge that even your university career centers would not have. Plus, we’re Asians who have tons of experience working with Westerners… we understand your unique challenges and we know how to make it work for us instead of against us.

Using our unique but very effective methods, we have helped many Asian graduates and professionals secure job offers within a much shorter span of time. The longer you’re out of a job the harder it is to get a good one, so don’t waste time looking for a job the WRONG way like 90% of job seekers. There are jobs out there, and you could probably get a job without a career coach, but why risk settling for a mediocre job when you can get something better, with just a little professional help?

Be a better you. Get a better job. Contact us for a non-obligatory chat to see if we can help you in your job hunt and career.