Break these 5 Rules of Resume Writing At Your Own Risk.

Break these 5 Rules of Resume Writing At Your Own Risk.  risk

By: Cindi Wirawan, Inkris

Are you breaking any of these rules in your resume?

RULE #1 Use an English name

If you don’t have one, you need one. And please no Pinky, Hello Kitty or fruit sounding names! Here’s how. Say your Chinese name is Zhou Da Ming, and your English name is John. Simply put John Zhou on your resume and Linkedin profile.  Westerners tend to have an aversion to calling up candidates with names that are unfamiliar or hard to pronounce. Not only are multiple names confusing, they are also hard to find in a recruiter’s database.

Why would you want to leave yourself open to potential hiring discrimination? In the past our clients have gotten over 50% increased response rate by simply following this simple rule.

RULE#2 Avoid speling spelling errors, grammar mistakes and vocabulary that reflect a poor command of English

You will be working in an English speaking environment, and the recruiter will be expecting a certain standard of English. Any hints or clues that your English is not good enough will be obvious from your resume and cover letter.

RULE #3 Always have quantifiable achievements on your resume

We can’t stress the importance of this rule, because resumes with achievements get 3x more attention! Of course every applicant will claim that they are efficient and hardworking, but where’s the evidence?

RULE #4 Keep your resume to 1-2 pages long

Recruiters and hiring managers are busy people. Even if it’s a beautifully written 3 to 5 page long resume, they will simply skim through it(if they decide to even read it) and might even miss out the important points that matter.

RULE #5 Always get your resume edited

It doesn’t matter how good your English or writing skills are, fact is, most people do not know how to write a powerful resume. Schools don’t teach you how to write in order to get a job. Even if you can’t afford a professional resume writing service, at least get your friend, family or university career centre to read your resume and edit it if necessary. Make sure they are proficient in English and ideally have some working experience. The only exception to the rule is if you have been getting 90% response rate from the resumes you sent.

Your resume represents YOU. If you’re mediocre and average then go ahead and send out your lacklustre resume. If you want to present yourself as the best candidate in the stack of resumes, you have to invest time and effort in your resume.

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