5 Qualities Every Interviewer Looks For in Good Job Applicants


By Eleanor Ho, Inkris

Getting an interview for a job vacancy is great, but it is no guarantee that you will be given the position.

The truth is, securing an interview is just part of the process. Though you have come this far, you have quite a ways to go.

A résumé can only get you so far, and while getting the call from the HR department is a success in its own right, there are certain qualities that every interviewer looks for in a potential employee.

Without these qualities, the chances of failing to secure the job in question is extremely high, making it vital for you to follow them.

This is true for interviews for every job, whether for full-time work at a local bank to part-time employment at a local retail outlet. That’s why I have put together a short list of five of the most sought after candidate qualities.

1. Positivity

A positive attitude is essential in front of an interviewing panel. It can be shown in the answers you provide to questions, with responses that provide solutions rather that highlight problems, the best type to give. Tell the interviewer that a situation can be dealt with through staff communication or by re-thinking a strategy, not through disciplinary procedures or by abandoning plans.

2. Energy

Energy in this case does not relate to body movement. Even when you are sitting down, moving around, swaying and even changing position frequently can create a very negative impression. Instead, what I mean by energy is that you are not lethargic and inanimate. This can make you look disinterested in the job, even indifferent as to whether you are successful or not.

3. Genuine Interest

Showing interest in the job is essential. While it is possible that this interview is just one of several you face, the interviewers want to know that you are genuine in your desire to work for them. The simple thing to do is be attentive and answer questions promptly. It is even a good idea to ask for clarification. This proves you are interested by showing you want to understand what is being asked.

4. Maturity

Showing maturity is always important. Why? Because the interviewer wants to know that you can handle a range of situations, including stressful ones. Maturity is a firm indicator that this is more likely than not. This quality also suggests a positive interaction with colleagues, a preference for taking responsibility over avoiding it, and a high level of trustworthiness.

5. Good Personal Appearance 

This is probably the most obvious of them all, but it is worth highlighting again. Having a poor personal appearance can ruin the good work made in every other area. If a candidate is sloppy in their appearance, then they are likely to be sloppy in their work. It also shows a lax attitude towards work and suggests a lack of awareness of the significance of professionalism.










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